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Here we make available to you online versions of articles and documents of general interest. They cover subjects that are not readily accommodated in other sections of the site, since they do not relate to particular models or motors. Many of the printed originals are now out of print, so that our Literature section provides easy access to items that otherwise would be very difficult and/or expensive to come by.

Topics that are covered by the items here range from the design of Jetex models, through the care and feeding of Jetex motors, to recent writing on latest developments with micro rocket motors and the models that they power.

Clicking on titles in the list on the right will take you directly to the online version of the article or document, in the case of single items, or, in the case of a series of items, to a page from where you can access each item in the series.

Each item comprises the full text as well as freshly digitised copies of the original illustrations and diagrams.

We welcome your suggestions for additions to our Literature section.
  What you'll find here:
Jetex Patents (1947-1963) overview
Pellet Power Possibilities (1948)
Roswell Brown's Rocket Plane (1948)
Phil Smith on Jetex scale models (1951)
Jetex Units (1951) overview
We Visit Jetex (1951) overview
Wallis Rigby on Jetex paper models (1951)
Getting the Best out of Jetex Models (1953)
Thoughts on the Helicopter (1955)
The (Jet)X Files (2002-2004) overview
The Smoky Addiction (2005) overview
Smoke Trails (2006-2008) overview
Smoke Trails (2009)
Smoke Trials (2009)
Smoke Trails (2010-11)
History of Jetex Tailored Models (2006)

Jetex Patents

The Jetex motor can boast a rich record of patented invention. Jetex inventors and manufacturers were granted no fewer than 14 patents, by authorities in Britain, France, Germany, Austria and the United States.

Inventions covered by these patents included motors, fuel mixtures, ignition mechanisms, pressure relief devices and augmenter tubes.

We have transcripts (including drawings) of all Jetex patents published by the London Patent Office, as well as of one published only by the German Patent Office.

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Pellet Power Possibilities

This is the seminal editorial of June 1948 in which Aeromodeller hailed the release of the first Jetex motors and introduced the very first construction plans for Jetex-powered model aircraft.

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Roswell Brown's Rocket Plane

This evocative Norman Rockwell-genre painting of father-son bonding graced the Christmas cover of Popular Mechanics in 1948. It no doubt had many boys, big and small, wishing that the Strato-Rocket (as Brown enticingly named it) had been on sale in their local toy shop.

Sadly, however, the six-inch rocket powered craft seems never to have been marketed, or even published in plan form. All we have is this painting, the article and three fine photographs, but none, regrettably, showing it in flight. Tellingly, it was described as being "still in the experimental stage".

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Jetex Powered Flying Scale Models by Phil Smith

Phil Smith, who joined the design staff of Veron in 1946 and eventually became their Chief Designer, produced the first commercial scale designs of contemporary jet fighter aircraft. He succeeded in overcoming a number of problems which presented themselves in achieving a semblance of realistic scale flight. He wrote about his approach to tackling these problems in a frank and informative article in the Aeromodeller Annual of 1951. Phil's insights on the problems and parameters of Jetex scale design still apply.

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Veron Sabre
Jetex Units by J Henson

Not sure how best to look after your precious vintage Jetex motor? Worried about the chances of it blowing up in your face, or at least cracking the case (see right)? Want to know how to get maximum power from your precious pellets?

J Henson has authoritative answers in this article from Model Aircraft, February 1951, with sound advice on what to do and what not to do.

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Cracked case
We Visit Jetex

Model Aircraft in August 1951 took its readers on a tour of the Jetex enterprise, from the conception of Jetex propulsion by J. N. Mansour and C. M. Wilmot to the establishment of their factory at Totton and the wide range of products coming from it by that date.

The article also previews some of the new products being designed, including "a twin-jet flying boat and a delta-wing model".

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Making Cut-out Models for Jetex Power by Wallis Rigby

In this article from Publishers' Weekly of 4 August 1951, Wallis Rigby, doyen of paper model designers, recounts how he came to use Jetex engines as a source of motive power for models like the boat seen in the background of the photo on the right.

A sample quote: "Today, I am building and running boats and planes which actually run on jet-fuel engines! The furor these card-built jet planes cause when I am running them at a park or some lake has to be seen to be believed. The cry, "It's only cardboard!" is followed by an urgent demand for information as to where to buy them."

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Getting the Best out of Jetex Models

This article, from the Aeromodeller issue of September 1953, offers many practical hints on the trimming and configuration of Jetex-powered model aircraft. Ten explanatory diagrams and graphs clarify the crucial points.

A sample quote: "What is not commonly realised, however, is that trimming a Jetex model almost exactly reverses the trimming process associated with a rubber model."

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The (Jet)X Files by Roger Simmonds

In this regular series of columns reprinted from the UK publication SAM 35 Speaks, Dr Roger Simmonds shares his insights into micro rocket modelling, past and present, with a unique blend of erudition and humour. He casts his net widely, discussing an astonishing breadth of topics. They range in time from the earliest rocket-powered model aircraft to the latest experiments with Rapier and CO2 power, while in scope they range from optimum design configurations to historical research into the origins of Jetex.

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The Smoky Addiction by Roger Simmonds

This series of columns by Dr Roger Simmonds – reprinted from SAM 35 Speaks – continues the rich tradition established by The (Jet)X Files. Dr Simmonds casts his net more widely still, applying his customary wit, learning and practical experience to topics as diverse as flying scale models of the latest NASA scramjet and early 20th century experiments with model rocket planes.

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Smoke Trails by Roger Simmonds

In this occasional series of further columns adapted from SAM 35 Speaks, Dr Simmonds again takes up his pen to beguile and enlighten us with more jet powered tales from flying field and building board.

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Smoke Trials by Roger Simmonds

The frustration with uncertain fuel supplies experienced by Dr Simmonds and fellow fliers caused Smoke Trails to morph into Smoke Trials for a period, while losing none of his characteristic expansiveness of content and elegance of style.

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Roger Simmonds

  Roger Simmonds and his F.D.2

Roger Simmonds & John Farley

Roger Simmonds (right, sporting a T-shirt) with legendary Harrier test pilot John Farley after a successful maiden flight of Dr Simmonds' Avro CF-105 Arrow at the SAM Gala 2009
A Brief History of Jetex Tailored Models by Roger Simmonds

Dr Roger Simmonds’ definitive history of Jetex ‘Tailored’ models, originally published in the SAM 35 Yearbook 13 (2005), has been especially expanded and updated for our online edition. Now with copious illustrations (many in full colour), it’s based on extensive research, including personal interviews with members of the original design teams from Wilmot Mansour and Sebel.

This fascinating account traces the lineage of a range of models which hold a special place in the affections of Jetex enthusiasts, and which are indisputably the élite of Jetex scale aircraft.

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  Tailored Skyray


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