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 Powered by Rapier

This page is devoted to plans for Rapier-powered model aircraft. In our 'Motors' section, you can read more about the Rapier range of motors.

We also have a listing of plans that have been published in British aeromodelling magazines for Rapier-powered scale models.

  What you'll find here:
BAE Hawk (Howard Metcalfe)
Slinki (Howard Metcalfe)
Scale models (Carlo Godel)

 Hawk by Howard Metcalfe

Howard's Hawk
- Howard Metcalfe, retouched JMC

Howard's Hawk
- Peter Blackmore

Howard’s profile model of the BAE Hawk (“the world’s most successful fast jet trainer”, in the opinion of the Red Arrows) is made of sheet Depron. As the full-width photo below shows, it is a superb flyer. Though not usually a fan of profile models, Roger Simmonds says:

Howard’s very light Rapier L-1 powered Hawks, which have a high power-to-weight ratio, were impressive at Middle Wallop. I am very tempted by Howard’s Hawk, as I really need a model that can cope with very ‘active’ and windy days, and Howard has a lovely plan available.

(Read more of Roger Simmonds’ comments on Howard’s Depron sheet profile scale models for Rapier power, and see more photos of them, in Roger’s Smoky Addiction for December 2005.)
Howard launches Hawk
- Margaret Webb


 Slinki by Howard Metcalfe

Click image to view or download large dimensioned plan
and building and flying hints from Howard Metcalfe

- Howard Metcalfe


John Riese says of his first flights with Slinki:

Test flights with L-1 Rapier were satisfying. Unlike any other flying wing rocketplane I have seen, there were no spiral dives, hunting oscillations, loops, etc. Straight out under power and a straight glide.

I quit after I almost lost it. I suppose some turn trim is indicated but I will leave well enough alone. The power and glide portions of the flight seem to be about the same velocity. Flying wings are a natural for rocket power. I think the trick is to not overpower them.

 Scale Models by Carlo Godel

Click image to view or download large dimensioned plan
Carlo's scale models

Carlo contributed plans for the following scale models that he specifically designed for Rapier L-1 power:

    General Dynamics A-12A Avenger

    Gloster E.1/44

    Hawker P.1040

    Regianne 2007

    Yak 19


  - Hawk and Slinki plans and photographs contributed by Howard Metcalfe
  - Scale model plans contributed by Carlo Godel


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