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Register of published plans

We’ve compiled the world's most complete register of published plans for micro rocket powered models, and hold a copy of each in our archives. The plans have been garnered from commercial periodicals and books published from the 1930s through to the 1990s.

Our register below lists plans under publication name in chronological sequence. We also indicate the country of origin for each publication. Our largest sources are Great Britain (GB) and the United States (US), but we are increasingly finding plans that originated in other countries.

Where a name is underlined in our register, that name is a link to a separate illustrated description of the model and a free downloadable copy of that plan from our extensive (and growing) library.

Swish plan (detail)

Detail from the first US published plan for Jetex –
Bill Winter’s Swish for Jetex 100 (Model Airplane News Nov. 1948)

Plans Register

Plans are listed under publication name (alphabetically ordered) in chronological sequence. Click on any underlined name to view an illustrated description of that model and a downloadable plan.

Item Motor Designer/Author Date
A-M Rocket Plane rocket J.R. Singer Craigie Jun-39
Glirt rocket P.A. Latham Nov-46
D.H. 100 Vampire rocket A.J. Cockle Aug-47
Gloster Meteor IV (1/24 scale) 2 x 100 Aeromodeller staff Jun-48
Zephyr (duration) 200 H.E. Hervey Jun-48
Simple helicopter 2 x 50 F. Boreham Jan-51
Little Stinker 200 P.B. Allaker Feb-51
Ghoul lll (flying wing) 200/350 M.M. Gates Jul-51
Twizzler 200 Dick Twomey Oct-51
Duo Monoplane (duration) 50 Bill Dean Jan-52
Vindskreenviper 350 Bill Henderson Mar-52
Fuego 50 (duration) 50 G.J. Blumenthal Jun-52
DH 108 Swallow 100 D.F. Golding Jul-52
Skyrocket (duration) 100 William Houghton Aug-52
Jet-Gyro 100 Bob Buragas Feb-53
Arrow 50 and 100 (duration) 50 & 100 Ian Dowsett Apr-53
Ukkie (duration) 50 C.R. de Vries Jun-53
Sipa 200 Minijet 100 Brian Lewis Aug-53
Atom Baby (35 duration) 35 Bill Dean Dec-53
Boulton & Paul P.111A Jetm./200 D.P. Golding May-54
SAAB J29 (sheet profile) Atom 35 Ray Malmström Oct-54
Folland Midge 50/100 John Darnell Mar-55
Fizzle Quick (duration) 50 & 100 Ian Dowsett Aug-55
Monsieur Leo Valentin (intrepid birdman) 50B Ray Malmström Dec-55
Short Sherpa (sheet profile) 35 Bob Linn Jan-56
Miles Student 100/Jetm. John A. Fleming Jun-56
Coccinellida (VTOL coleopter) 50 Ian Geddes Nov-56
Convair XFY Pogo VTOL (sheet profile) 50B Jul-57
Twiddler (helicopter) 2 x 50B Ray Morse Jul-58
Snowflake (duration) 50 Ron Armstrong Nov-60
Swizzlestik (3-view) 150 John Scott (Toronto) Feb-63
Chicken Ship (duration) 150 Chris Matsuno Jun-71
Jetset (duration) 150 Len Ranson Apr-72
Sizzle (sheet flying wing) 50 David Binns Mar-87
F-19 Stealth 50 John Emmett May-87
British Aerospace EAP (scale) 50 John Watters Oct-87
MG-4 Starfire 50 Jan-99
Aeromodeller Annual
Jetstar (s/t) 200 Bruce Lester Dec-49
Smokey Joe 100 Laurie Barr Dec-50
Opel-Hatry (scale) 100 W. Musciano Dec-51
Supersonic Wing (sheet) 50 Frank Ehling Dec-51
Jetex Sailplane 200/350 A. Lederthiel Dec-52
Flying Saucers (Dutch) 50/100 Claude R. de Vries Dec-53
Yak 25 (scale) 50 Andre Dautin Dec-53
Sidewinder 150 Gerald Zeigenfuse Jan-61
Rocket Delta 150/200 Larry Conover Jan-64
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Jetex Job (s/t tailless) (first US design) 100 Henry Struck Feb-49
Rudolph (duration) 50 Aubrey Kochman Jun-50
Convair XF-92A 100/200 Lloyd A. Mosher May-51
Supersonic Wing 50 Frank Ehling Jun-51
Opel Sander RAK 1 rocket plane 100 Walter A. Musciano Aug-51
Little Augie Jetmaster Sep-53
Saskie (v.12/52 AM - Jetex contest - Pete Cock) Jetmaster Al G. Ackerman Dec-53
SHHHHH (1956 PAA-Load contest winner) (s/t) Jetm+aug F.L. Swaney Feb-57
VTO Air Adventurers Club trainer 3-A (sheet) 35/50 Mar-57
Supersonic Sam (sheet) 50 Lorne A. Williams Jun-57
Ski-Dart (sheet) 2 x 50 Larry Conover Nov-57
Martin Matador (sheet built-up) Scor+aug Gene Thomas Jul-58
Missile models 50-600 Paul Del Gatto Sep-58
Panam Polka (s/t) 150 Dallas Sherman Oct-58
Hi-Thrusty (s/t) 150 Frank Ehling Dec-58
Mr. Max (s/t) (2nd 158 Nats) 150 Frank Ehling Feb-59
Record Holder (3-view) 150 Rudy Kluiber Aug-59
Fizzel-Fazzel (sheet) 50B Bob Walters Oct-59
JexJet (s/t) (Junior PAA-Load) 50 Apr-60
Rocket Powered (s/t) (Senior Nats winner) 150 Ken Whiting Jun-60
Free Flight Beginners Project Jetmaster Brent Hawkins Jul-61
Rocket Free Flight (Jun. Rocket winner 60 Nats) 150 Dan O'Malley Sep-61
Dyna-Soar (s/t) 150 Paul Del Gatto Jul-62
Jet Star (s/t) (PAA-Load winner 1961 Nats) 150 Ron Wittman Oct-62
Jetsport (s/t) 150 Jack Dietrich May-65
Hot Stuff (s/t) 150 Bill Schieman May-67
Jumbo (sheet profile) 50 Dick Mathis Aug-68
JET-TEXan (s/t) (winner Rocket class 70 Nats) 150 Don Chancey Jun-71
Jetex I (s/t) Gene Jensen Oct-72
Cheap Thrills (s/t) (winner Rocket class 72 Nats) 150 Rob Lyons Sep-73
Sunduster (s/t) (Senior winner 72 Nats / winner Rocket class 73 Nats) 150 Ned Smith Jan-74
Firelfy (s/t) 150 Charles Markos May-74
Hot Wood(seeking copy) 50HT Jim Mills Dec-75
Jet Tube(seeking copy) 150 Richard L Wood Oct-76
Rockette(seeking copy) 150 Bill Jenkins May-77
Air Trails Model Annual » American Modeler Annual
Executive 2 x 50 Lloyd V. Hunt Jan-52
Lakewood Mac (Junior Jet PAA-Load winner) 150 Dan O'Malley Dec-59
Moonstruck (sheet missile) 150 Albert Casano Dec-59
Rocket Powered (Snr Nats winner '59) 150 Ken Whiting Dec-60
Jet-Joe (racing car - solid; with track) 50 Frank Ehling Dec-60
Free Flight Beginners Project(seeking copy) Jetmaster Brent Hawkins Jan-62
Ali Nuove Minime
Grillo ELTOS 50 Elvio Tosaroni Jan-53
All About Jetex
Space Ship Scorpion Paul Del Gatto Dec-63
Bill Dean's Book of Balsa Models
Space Scout 50 Bill Dean Jul-70
XP-21 Firebird 50 Bill Dean Jul-70
Swordfish 50 Bill Dean Jul-70
Eagle Annual 1
Delta 50 Bill Dean Dec-51
Eagle Annual 3
Hawker Hunter (profile) 50 Bill Dean Dec-53
Eagle Book of Balsa Models
Vulture 50 Bill Dean Jul-56
Eagle Book of Model Cars
Topsy 50 Ray Malmström Jul-61
Eagle Book of Spacecraft
Earth Satellite 50 Ray Malmström Jul-61
Panther 350 Jan-58
Flying Models
Smokey (sheet) 50 Kenny Fisher Aug-50
Jet-Liner (flying wing) 50 Theodore Grzesczak Apr-51
Blow-Torch (sheet ROG) 50 Dan McGovern Jun-51
XF7U-1 Cutlass 50 Bob Buragas Dec-51
Jiffy-Jet(seeking copy) Oct-52
Fouga Cyclone(seeking copy) Dec-53
Sneaker (s/t - 3 power options) 150 Don Typond Dec-54
FM Jetster (duration) Jetmaster Joe Scuto Apr-56
Whirley (helicopter) 2x50 Bob Tennenbaum May-56
Peter Pan (PAA-Loader) Jetm+aug Paul del Gatto Jun-56
Jetex Delta 35/50B Paul del Gatto Aug-57
Jet-50 (duration) 50 Tom Squatrito Feb-58
Jet Ace (unorthodox) 50B George Woolls Dec-58
Little Dee 50B Feb-59
Gusty 150 Joe Bilgri & Joe Foster Apr-59
Boom-Boom 50B Hank Dillenkofer Sep-59
Scintillatin' Saucer (VTOL saucer) 2x50 Larry Conover Dec-59
Floater 50B D.J. M. Feb-60
Sidewinder 150 Gerald Zeigenfuse May-60
SZZT 150 Bob Hunter Jan-61
Mighty Mouse (sheet missile) 35/50B Paul Del Gatto Feb-61
Adjustor 50B D.F. M. Aug-61
Furnace 150 Paul del Gatto Apr-62
Mother hawk and Squawk Hawk (piggyback) 150+50B Don McGovern Mar-63
sssSSSam (duration) 150 Bill Dunwoody Oct-64
Savage Soarer 150 Don McGovern Oct-65
Rock-It A Go-Go (duration) 150 Paul Crowley Jul-66
Drop-out (duration) Scorpion Don McGovern Oct-66
Heat Seeker Mk III 150 Kenneth C. Whiting Nov-66
Fire-Fly (ROG) 50B Reid Simpson Aug-68
Scorcher (s/t) 150 + aug Stan Chilton Mar-76
Jetaway (duration) 50 Dick Sarpolus Nov-88
Hobbies Illustrated
Midnight 200 Ivor Stowe/John French May-53
Fouga 100 Giancarlo Fifi Jan-52
Le Modèle Réduit d'Avion
Pfupf 50 P. Maillard Dec-51
Yak 25 50 André Dautin Mar-53
Puk 50 Jean-Claude Aggéry May-53
Jolly Frolic 50 J-P Templier Jun-53
Mosca 50 R. Parlatoré Oct-53
Sipa 200 Minijet 200 E. Chelle Oct-53
F.104A Starfighter 100 Henri Tardif Jun-63
Hélicomète rocket x2 G Chaulet Jun-63
Leduc 022 100 Henri Tardif Oct-63
Meccano Magazine
Jetrider 50C Ray Malmström Sep-68
Model Aircraft
Mooncrest 100 Ray Malmström Dec-50
Jetex Canard 50 Bill Dean Jan-51
Flying Saucer 350 Bill Dean Aug-51
Grumman F9F-2 Panther 100 A.E. Hatfull Jul-52
Chance Vought F7U-1 Cutlass 100 A.E. Hatfull Feb-53
Hot Toddy 50 E. de H. Rowntree Sep-53
MiG 15 50 A.E. Hatfull Jan-54
Dartex 100 K. Brown Mar-54
Creep (RTP) Jetmaster W. Tinker Apr-54
Stiletto 200 Dick Twomey May-54
Flying Wheel 2 x 50 Paul Del gatto Aug-54
English Electric P.1A 50 C.F. Bassett Jan-55
Fizzle-bug 50B Ian Dowsett Mar-55
Opel Hatry 50B Mar-56
Bell VTOL (semi-scale) 2 x 50B Larry Conover Jan-59
Ryan X13 (sheet profile) 50C John A. Fleming. Mar-60
H.P. 115 (sheet profile) 35/50 Doug McHard Dec-61
Model Airplane News
Spitfire rocket Tom Engleman Sep-41
Swish 100 Bill Winter Nov-48
Little Swoosh (sheet tailless) 50/100 Frank Ehling Sep-49
Fouga Cyclone (sheet) 50 J.H. Maxwell Feb-50
Twin Boom 100 Bill Gough Jul-50
Dr Lippisch's Deltas / Delta 50 50 A M Lippisch / L Conover Dec-51
Plover 50 Lloyd V. Hunt Nov-52
Supermarine Attacker 150 Bob Buragas Mar-53
Conrad (profile humanoid) 50 Bill Dean/Ray Malmström Mar-54
JH-3 Helicopter 2 x 600 Parnell Schoenky Aug-55
R.T.P. Jetster 50B Walt Mooney Dec-55
Jet Payload (contest winner) 150 Hertzson Brothers Dec-56
Convair Delta Jetmaster Paul Del Gatto Jun-57
Fire Bird (sheet) 50 Lorne A. Williams Jun-57
PAA Junior Jet (contest winner) 50 Brent Hawkins Jul-57
Swif-f-ft 50 / 150 Gerald L. Zeigenfuse Jul-58
Two Stage Rocket 150 + 50B Paul del Gatto Aug-58
Bomarc Scorpion Paul Del Gatto Oct-58
Delta Dart 50 Don Monson Aug-59
X-15 150 Paul del Gatto May-60
U-2 double header 150 Paul del Gatto Sep-60
Ja-Tex 150 Reid Simpson Feb-64
Small Wonder (sheet) 50 Wayne Brown Oct-67
Rocket 150 150 Kit Gerhart Jun-68
Pentafly (sheet) 50 Thomas Alden Jul-69
Canned Heat (duration) 150 Don Chancey Aug-75
Model Aviation (GB)
Firecrest (Winner 1949 ICI Trophy) 200 Dick Twomey Feb-50
Midget 50 (2nd place 1949 ICI Trophy) 50 Clive Hadland Feb-50
Model Boat Book
Hydrojet 350 M C Cowell Jul-49
Model Builder
Good Times 50 Bob Stalick Sep-76
Model Engineer
Rocket Plane rocket Laurence Sparey Jul-41
Flaming Ptero rocket Howard Boys Jul-46
Model Flyer
MiG I-270 L1 Richard Crossley Mar-04
Model Maker
XP-21 Firebird (car - solid balsa) 50+aug. Apr-55
Bluebird K7 (hydroplane) Jetmaster R G Campbell Sep-55
Model Planes Annual 1949
Jetwing 100 Bill Dean Nov-48
Modèle Magazine
Planojet 50 P Marrot May-54
Aquilon 100 ?? Jun-55
Super Mystère 50 ?? Jun-55
Modern Mechanix and Invention
Rocket Plane rocket Dick Cole Jan-33
NFFS Free Flight
Maxecuter 150 Bill Harris Mar-69
Zip-Dip 150 Mk 3 (duration) 150 Charlie Sotich Apr-70
Suz Too (duration) 150 George Lewis May-72
Lucky Linda 150 Irv Aker Jun-76
Jet Tube 150 Richard L Wood Aug-76
Micro Mini Pearl 150 Stan Smith Jul-77
Popular Aviation
Rocket-ship rocket Joe Ott Mar-31
Popular Mechanics
Delta 100 Roy Clough Jul-65
Popular Science
Turboprop 50 Roy Clough Sep-53
RAF Flying Review
Swift F4 (scale profile) 50 Bill Dean Apr-54
Flying Saucer 50 Bill Dean May-54
Rogue (sheet - 3 power options) 50 Bill Dean Jul-54
F4D Skyray 50 Bill Dean Sep-54
Folland Midge 50 Bill Dean Feb-55
Science and Mechanics
Snark missile 2 x 100 Dick Ealy Apr-58
Sistema Pratico
MiG-15 50 Jan-53
Zaic Model Aeronautic Year Book
Rocket Plane rocket G Haase May-38
Rocket Plane rocket N Negri May-38
Whirligig 2 x 50 Bill Henderson May-53
Jetex 100 100 Al G Ackerman May-53
Rocket Delta Jetmaster L H Conover May-53
Firebird 350 Bill Henderson May-53
JH-3 Helicopter 2 x 600 Parnell Schoenky May-56
JH-5 Hiller Hornet 2 x 350 Parnell Schoenky May-58
Jetex Power Jetmaster Jos W Harris May-58
Castaway Scorpion John O'Donnell May-58
PAA King 150 E E Wolfe May-61
Junior Jet Record Holder 50 Paul H Osborne May-61
Fizzdip 150 Don Thompson May-61
Zip-Zip 150 150 Charles Sotich May-61
Dummy Dip 50 50 Charles Sotich May-61
Swizzlestik Mk III 150 John Scott May-61
Jean Fizz 150 Lou Young May-61
Jul-Jet 150 Mike Karlak May-61
Jetex Class Payload 150 Tem Johnson May-61
Canard Jet Payload 150 R H Hawkins May-61
Rocket F/F 150 Ray Hansen May-61
PAAsson 150 Ralph E Persson May-61
Jet PAA-Load 150 Wayne Pratt May-61
Fizzle XIII 50 D J Lindley May-65
Ja-Tex Rocket 150 Reid Simpson May-65
Sizzlestick 150 Tem Johnson May-65
Viking 50HT C F Chilvers May-65


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