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 the Classic Jetex archive
the Classic Jetex archive
What's in here

What we keep in the back room

The back room is where we hold digitised versions of material that has been recently contributed to the Archive. While we work on designing and building the pages where this material will eventually be on public display, we make it available so that you see what's in store.

The linked list to the right gives you access to material that's awaiting a more permanent home. Follow these links and you'll have preview of:
  • images that have been optimised and scaled for web display, from the scans, photos, magazines and photocopies we've been sent
  • copy that has been converted, using OCR, to the text form in which it will be used in a web page from the graphical form in which we've received it.

  Our current holdings:
Care of Jetex Units (Peter Lloyd)
Rocket planes - Glirt (Rocky Simmonds)
Rocket planes - Sparey (Peter Tolhurst)
Rocket planes - A-M, Joe Ott (Peter Tolhurst)
Rocket planes - Astral 1946 (Rocky Simmonds)
Rocket planes - Zaic 1944 (Ben Nead)
Rapier scale models (Carlo Godel)
European flyers
Bill Dean's 'Topsy' (Roger Chapman)
Bill Henderson, his Vindskreenviper and more
Tiger Rockety motors (Bill Henderson)
Monogram Firebolt kit (Mike Mulligan)
"Bits and pieces" from Bruce Ogden
Dan Dare illustrations


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