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Scorpion 600

(right) These two photographs by Andy Blackwell of Scorpion kits from his collection show a variation in packaging in the course of Scorpion production and marketing
The Scorpion was optimistically referred to as the 600 in the USA when even the manufacturers only claimed a conservative 4 oz. In Aeromodeller testing, it was reported to average 5 oz. and was accepted as the most powerful motor in the range until the 50R/50HT Rocket Motor was manufactured.

Specifically designed for duration models, the charge was hollowed on top, which prevented the initial surge and aided wick loading. The Scorpion's outstanding feature was easy loading and attachment to the model. Stainless steel was used for the end plates, so it could also accept Sebel fuel.

The illustrations below show a Scorpion motor as packaged and sold in the US by Aristocraft Distinctive Miniatures. On the left, we have the pack, front and back, while on the right we have the motor itself, in various stages of assembly.
The wooden block fitted with a dowel, seen in the pack and in the second illustration on the right, was intended for use as for use as the engine mount, with the tube on the front of the motor fitting over the dowel.

The owner of this motor, Akira Kawasaki, writes: "In the seventies, I visited, with my son, a small toy store run by an old lady. In it, I found a Jetex Scorpion 600. This model came out after my experience with a smaller model engine. Anyway, I purchased it, a box of fuel pellets for it, and a fuse coil packet out of nostalgia. It has rested in a parts drawer all these years with the packaging still essentially intact after I peeled it slightly open for a cursory inspection."



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- Photographs of Scorpion by Andy Blackwell and Akira Kawasaki

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