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Plan: Pfupf



by P. Maillard

Original dimensions:
   Wingspan: 32.5 cm. (12.8 in.)
   Dihedral: 3 cm
   Length: 28 cm (11 in.)
   Area: 1.5 dm2 (23.25 sq. in.)
   Weight: 21 g (0.74 oz.)

Graham Knight tells of his adaptation of Pfupf for Rapier power:

I didn't change very much – the most obvious change was to make it smaller for Rapier L1 power so I reduced the span to 11". The Rapier motor is lighter than an equivalent Jetex so I had to move it forward. I also omitted the negative tailplane incidence.

Two ways to get the original Pfupf plan:
Easy, but smaller
Print this page. Below the text, and fitting within the page width, is a copy of the plan.
More work for you, but larger
Click this link to a separate copy.
If you want to print it in full, you'll need to save it to disk, then open it in a graphics program in order to print it.

To get the Pfupf plan as adapted for Rapier power:
Print this page. At the bottom, and fitting within the page width, is a copy of the plan.
le petit Pfupf
The only other changes were to the wing construction. I don't like LEs set on edge as on the original model so I changed that. I also used a full depth main spar and added some triangular gussets at the dihedral joint.

If you compare it to the original plan, it's obvious what I've changed. Note there are no dimensions – just print it at 11" span for L1, or somewhere between 13" and 15" for L2 depending on what rating your L2s are, and how exciting you want your flights to be!

le petit Pfupf

- Graham Knight
le petit Pfupf The model would benefit from a DT, although it's quite quick to build another. One thing I learned from flying it is that there is a weakness behind the pylon, I suggest adding thin (1/64") ply doublers either side of the pylon to strengthen the pylon/fuselage joint, and extend them along the tailboom for 1/2" or so behind the pylon.

Anyone considering building from the original plan for Jetex power should note that it was designed for the original aluminium cased motors, so if you use a steel motor you will need to allow for the extra weight.
le petit Pfupf

- Graham Knight
Plan for the original Pfupf (A larger copy of the plan (GIF format) is also available to view or download.)

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Plan for Pfupf
Plan for Pfupf as adapted for Rapier power by Graham Knight

Plan for Pfupf for Rapier power


 - Plan for the original Pfupf contributed by Bill Henderson
 - Plan for the Rapier adaptation by Graham Knight


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