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Plan: Handley Page H.P.115


 Handley Page H.P.115

by Doug McHard

Reprinted from Model Aircraft, December 1961 (pp. 382-4)

HERE is a simple little profile model, for the Jetex 35 or 50, of Britain's latest research plane that you can put together in less than an hour. All you need is a piece of softish 1/16 x 3 in. sheet balsa, about 16 in. long, for the wing, a piece of 1/8 in. sheet balsa, big enough for the fuselage, a 12 in. piece of 22 S.W.G. piano wire for the undercarriage and a small tube of cement.


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Handley Page H.P.115 The fuselage is cut out first and notice the way the grain runs on the fin which, of course, must be made separately. After cutting out the wing parts and cementing them edge to edge, mark the centre line on piece "D", and cement the fuselage and fin to the wing. Make sure that everything is "square" and not leaning over to one side.

Now fit the engine mount plates and the downthrust wedge, which is shaped from a spare piece of 1/8 in. sheet and is very important. Don't forget to cover the area around the motor with asbestos paper, to protect the model from the heat.

The undercarriage is cemented to the underside of the wing and the joint may be strengthened by cementing strips of tissue over the wire. Make the wheels by cutting out discs of 1/8 in. balsa and cementing tiny pieces of celluloid or acetate to each side, afterwards piercing a hole exactly through the centre.

With the empty motor in position, support the model at the point shown, when it should balance horizontally, add small weights if necessary to achieve this.

If the correctly balanced model stalls under power add more downthrust and if it will not climb—remove some of the downthrust. The H.P.115 can, of course, be used without the motor as a catapult glider, but don't forget to balance it first!

Handley Page H.P.115
- Model Aircraft, Dec. 1961 (p. 384)
Plan for the Handley Page H.P.115 (A larger copy of the plan is also available to view or download).



 - Article and plan contributed by Bruce Ogden and Bill Henderson


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