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Plan: Jetex Sharky


Jetex Sharky

This plan of the Wilmot Mansour 'Sharky' kit has been drawn by Howard Metcalfe from the tracing that David Carpenter made from an original model in the Southampton Hall of Aviation. (David is the creator of the Jetex exhibit in the Hall of Aviation, and the photograph of the Sharky kit comes from that exhibit.)

Howard has also contributed notes to help builders and flyers.


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Jetex Sharky kit
Howard writes:

According to my rusty memory, the Sharky was for the Jetex 50 and with that it must have been a spectacular performer. If I am right it will be just right for [a Rapier] L2 and a hot rod with a L2HP.

Ben [Nead] mentioned adding downthrust but I notice there is an effective downthrust of 2° already as the wing is set at 2° positive and tail at 0°, therefore you may not need any additional downthrust. Proof is in the pudding of course and good luck with flying.

I have worked out that for a CG at 30%, it is 1.25" behind the root l.e. of the original but the wing shape is so complicated that this can only be a best estimate and a starting point.

Jetex Sharky kit
Jetex 'Sharky' kit
- Howard Metcalfe
Plan for Jetex Sharky (A larger copy of the plan is also available to view or download).



 - Notes and plan contributed by Howard Metcalfe


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