From: Bruce Ogden
Sent: Wednesday, 16 April 2003
Subject: Tigerjet 100

As you can see there were two types of Japanese packaging. The longer one was the first type and came with a natty screwdriver to put the spring on. The protector cap at the back was steel and protected the aluminium case (a damn good idea that should have been used on the Jetmaster).

The aluminium motor mount for the 100 is the best solution of them all. It holds the motor perfectly in postion and makes thrust adjustments very easy indeed. The kit comes with a polished lightweight aluminium heat shield which you bend around a broom. Actually it's a very good idea and does the job well.

As you can see, the motors are better than mint. Until I purloined them, they had remained undisturbed in their packaging for 30 years. I use them all the time as they are such a good motor. The cases are made from hard drawn aluminium of quite substantial thickness which allows good heat dissipation.

They are dimensionally identical to the original Jetex 100 in chamber length and diameter. The pellets are superb and from tests (crude) produce slightly more thrust. From all accounts they're Red Spot -- they smell like them (burning), same colour, same weight, same residue. Thankfully, I still have to date 464 to go. I use them in the Jetex 100, Jetmaster, PAA-Loader.


Bruce Ogden