From: Bruce Ogden
Sent: Friday, 18 April 2003
Subject: More Jetex bits and pieces for the website

A photo showing some of the various types i have accumulated.

A 50 AND Double 50 - have run both of them, interesting but very average the 50 used to sell for 99c through AHC in New York in the 60,s. Good concept in my opinion with a little more attention could have been an excellent concept. Only takes a half size pellet. The big ones hopeless too heavy and usually ends up breaking the seal. Horrible to load and ignition failures occur repeatedly.

Built this last Xmas from a kit acquired on the Ebay from the finder of most old things in the States Curtis Mattikow. A Paa Loader motor drives it, goes up pretty fast, glides fantastic, dont have a DT on it so have to pick the days to fly it. Next project for PAA nostalgia will be the Jetco Jetfire if i can get hold of a plan somewhere.

From an old Veron kit uses 50c motors, launching is always a problem have almost convinced myself that a catapult hook is a necessity with 50 scale models. Humbrol paint - lacquer thinners, got that piece of advice from the internet.